Palm Villlage Makati nicely finished unit for sale


Palm village house for sale

Here is a nicely finished house in Palm Village Makati for those who would like to get land than staying in a condominium.

This is definitely a best buy considering there is no inventory in the area (units get sold fast!) as well as the prices in Bel AIR continually goes up. Yes, Palm Village is adjacent Bel Air.

For more details on this property please call 09178225798 or email

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Rent is the new Vacation


This is me going to Greenhills today.
If you know La Salle Greenhills, this is a day to day cumbersome way to pass through this area. Unfortunately, this is even the fastest route.

If you would compute for the hours travelling and the many ways you could have spent it productively then you could look at the option of renting where you work.

I mentioned that RENT is the NEW VACATION because normally we work and slug it out during the week and just enjoy the weekend with our family, with our friends, and even alone with ourselves.

If you try to squeeze that in 1 1/2 days. It will always be bitin (needing more time). But until when should we be lacking in time with our family, our spouse, our children, our relatives, ourselves,  to mention a few 😦

So instead of doing your vacation when it is vacation time, why don’t you try doing your vacation daily? This is not a slack type of living but rather having more time where it matters. Renting and being near your work is the answer.

Ideally the rented area should do the following:
1. Eliminate commute. No more car going to work. No more parking to pay. Walking is the only means of travel;

2. Give you more time in the morning. To exercise. Sleep more. TALK to your loved ones;

3. Give you more time in the evening. Date the wife. Eat dinner at home. Help tutor kid(s);

4. Save on health. Less stress. More life. More laughs.

Compute for your happiness today and you may actually consider the above items. Make money if you still don’t have the budget by making extra income maybe by doing a real estate referral. If you save money for a trip to Boracay once a year for just 5 days of the year, why don’t you save up to enjoy the other 360 days of your life?

Referring real estate business to a company like RE/MAX Premier Manila, an international real estate franchise, located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is the best way to earn without leaving your job.

RE/MAX Premier Manila owners meet with referrors and open up ways and doors to make business by just even doing it for 2 hours a week.

It starts with just an hour of meeting amd discussion to get oriented in the real estate business.

And the best thing is it is for FREE.

Get to learn how to close sales in the most expensive properties in the Philippines or even Pag-ibig houses.

All you need is visit their website at or dial 555-1002.

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Do home buyers prefer searching properties online nowadays?

Some of the biggest deals our office did came from online inquiries. They searched for the needed property, found our ranked websites, made their initial inquiries, pushed through with the personal appointment, then moved forward to the purchase after being shown the properties.

While it is indeed through personal, and actual viewings are deals made, the first step nowadays have been for prospective buyers to research online by themselves what property they may likely buy.

There has been a change of inquiries among clients when before they will ask for advice on, “What do you recommend I invest in..?” to a more specific, “Do you have a Pacific Plaza Tower North Tower, A Unit, above the 20th floor?” This shows that the online clients have done their homework also and know what property they are looking for.

Inquiries are made everyday from prospects who have a quick match with what we have and for properties that need research on as some of the time the price requirement has that been of last year’s.

Road shows abroad by developers have made the properties in the Philippines nearer the OFW market. Since the road shows average only a week, the OFWs resort to checking the properties online.

Now is the best time to have a website of one’s own to showcase not just the properties being sold or leased but also to be among those who can be relied upon for good advice in the Philippine real estate market.

As a practitioner, are you getting more inquiries online or where do you get your prospect nowadays?

Please feel free to post your comments.



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Attracting a Ground Floor Real Estate Office Partner at Bonifacio Global City

Here’s a Ground floor real estate office I saw along Buendia. I am hoping to attract the world to send me the right partner for a Ground floor office in Bonifacio Global City that will partner with me so I can have a real estate office and offer real estate services for people at Global city. The office should be visible to people traveling around Global city with bright lights and minimalist architecture.

A good office size will be around 100sqm where various Global city developers may showcase their properties. Affiliated brokers and agents may use that office to solicit business in the office and in the vicinity as well.

The office will be the source of information for buyers, landlords, sellers, lessees, and other people who may want real estate information and real estate services that may include individual management of property, resale of property, investment properties, property appraisal, joint venture, and other associated real estate business in Global city.

Ideally, the team wil be composed of 6 trustworthy managing partners who would like to service the real estate needs of the people at Bonifacio Global city. Two partners will be focused on the admin and office custody. Two partners are negotiators while the other two are web-based graphic artist and programmer.



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Restore Factory Settings – Good for our life also

Restore Factory Settings ia a phone feature that erases everything in your phone – data, messages, calendars.

It basically brings back the phone to how you first got it – assuming you bought it brand new.

I have done this when my phone became slow to function.

I have also done this on my computer called reformatting when the computer was slow to start, slow to respond and basically slower than when I bought it and used the first time.

Our lives may also follow the same path where we become slow in achieving the victories that were laid out in front of us to enjoy. When disappointments, failures, unfulfilled promises, betrayals and other life events happen to us it is like a virus that slowly prevents us from fulfilling the way we are supposed to function.

I once bought a ‘paid’ antivirus cd and was told that it could be updated once installed. When the computer asked me if I wanted to install – I naturally agreed. I was then told that they do not update fake programs like the one I had. Since viruses became better, my computer slowed down since the anti-virus could not keep us since it is not getting updated. I then got the original software and installed it then eventually my computer got back to normal. It once in a while gets virused but since I update my software I could ward off the virus. That is the beauty of buying an original software that could be updated to fight off updated viruses. The word of God is our ultimate anti-virus and while viruses become better and better we just have to ‘update’ ourselves with God’s word and no virus could stand it!

This is a quick reference to how I interpret a Psalm of David when he asked the Lord to Search his heart. It is like asking God to reveal any virus that he had. You see, if a virus is left untreated it could eventually put a stop to any powerful computer.

A virus was not there in the first place. It came there as a result of using the computer or as an analogy when we live our lives. We will surely get virus from different aspects of life and at all levels of our lives at any point in time.

This is why God said that yes we will encounter problems but we should not worry about them because Jesus conquered them all.

It is like me telling my son David to not worry about getting drowned while swimming I have swam and I have been there and I have learned to conquer the waters and I am teaching him how to do it also because I want him to enjoy the waters and life as I know it. And God is our father that wants to teach us also if we will have faith in him and have a relationship with Him as He meant for us.

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